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We are very proud of the work we carry out for our clients. Our team puts their heart and soul into every project, and we love to hear back from clients about their experiences and satisfaction with our services.

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We first met Jose of Humberto's Turf after he installed some artificial turf behind our pool. Jose and his team did an AMAZING job with that small area. We have a fairly large lot. at the time we were talking to our landscapers. Every year we struggled to keep the lawn green and healthy. Every year we failed. weed, overrunning with ants, dead grass on one side, weeds and swamp conditions on another. after much debate we decided to see if we could possibly make it work to do artifical turf on the entire backyard. Jose of Humberto's Turf made it work. Not only are the final results stunning but so was our experience with Jose and his crew. Jose is a perfectionist, overseeing the work of the crew and even stopping one to ask him to redo something not up to JOSE'S standards. Jose is kind and friendly and cares so much about his work. it truly was a pleasure to work with him and his crew. My husband and I were so impressed with his attention to detail and you could tell it made him proud to leave such a beautiful lawn behind. not only did they clean up any mess, but he even took the time to blow some dirt I had left from a planting job on our patio I had planned to clean after they left. they hosed down our fireplace area and even blew our front yard that had NOTHING to do with the back yard install!!! WHAT AN AMAZING AND OUTSTANDING EXPERIENCE. He is the best and my husband and I only wished he also did roofs and house paintings and any other major jobs we forsee for the future.

Marjorie DeRubeis

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